• Team Building  - that unites your staff
  • Shared Adventures -  in the great outdoors
  • Incentive Programs  - that reward your top performers


Teams are constantly evolving. People come and go, and external shocks create big changes to objectives, team structure, team locations, and personnel.
Team building is not a one off event. It’s a process that is constantly evolving, where new relationships are formed, new challenges are met, and new successes are celebrated.

Team building can be simple, serious or celebratory, but it must always have a purpose. Our first question to clients is “What is the objective of your event?”.

A simple shared adventure activity can fast track the relationship building process. A hike or gentle flat water paddle is worth a hundred Zoom meetings when it comes to getting to know your colleagues.

Serious team building activities can make teams more efficient, more successful, and more enjoyable to be a part of. They can create lightbulb moments for team members and improve people’s leadership styles.

If your team has just achieved record results or completed a large project, celebratory programs acknowledge the team’s effort, and sets them up for future success. If you don’t celebrate your achievements, no-one else will. Team building simply makes good financial and social sense.


When it comes to serious team building, we don’t “do jargon”. Our activity debriefs often discuss leadership styles used in emergency services, sporting, and military teams. We examine why certain teams succeed while others fail. We aim to get 2-3 key points across each activity.

For relationship building activities, our events are designed to showcase people’s talents and get people to collaborate. Fun is a key component, because when guests are enjoying themselves, relationships grow stronger quicker.

For celebratory events, we just create memorable activities, run them as seamlessly as possible, and let your team enjoy their recognition.