Answer the following questions on your work sheet and get 2 minutes off your race clock for each correct answer.

  1. The streets of neighbouring Jan Juc are named after famous Scottish golf courses. Which street is the most northerly? St Andrews, Troon, Carnoustie, Canarvon
  2. Carl the Greenskeeper in Caddy Shack was played by Bill Murray. True or False. During the writers strike in the early 80s, Bill Murray learnt to surf at the fearsome G Land surf break in Indonesia.
  3. Happy Gilmore is a failed hockey player turned professional golfer. What hockey team does he support. Detroit Redwings, Colorado Avalanche, Boston Bruins.
  4. If you birdied the first at The Sands, how many shots did you have?
  5. True or False: Your facilitator use to cut up Old School golf balls and stretch the rubber bands across the road between two telegraph poles. It didn’t end well.