As businesses grow and expand their product range and employee numbers, they can become unwieldy.

A highly structured business may be suffering from “silo thinking”,

where the financial health of the individual department is placed above the economic wellbeing of the overall company. Silos can also mean information is not shared, departments don’t speak to each other, and creativity diminishes.

In strong silos, employees look inward for solutions where the answers may lie in other company departments or out in the wider world.

The Silo Buster is a team building activity that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of highly structured workplaces. Teams that compete with each other fail, while those that share information and resources become more efficient and complete the overall challenge faster.

The Silo Buster can be conducted indoors or outside and is designed to foster a creative way to meet the challenges growing companies face in a rapidly changing world.

Price POA
Group Size 24-100
Age Group Any
Fitness Any
Additional Information Can be conducted anywhere