This experiential learning program is designed to show the effect of good and poor leadership styles on team performance.

Teams are given a complex task that needs to be completed within a designated time period. The program is set up like a typical team building activity, but to make things a little different, we assign team leaders and give them “riding” instructions.

Some team leaders will be task-orientated while others will focus on relationships. Some team leaders will recognise progress while others acknowledge effort. One team will be assigned a demotivating leader who is autocratic, doesn’t set goals, doesn’t include team members in decision making, and doesn’t recognise effort or progress.

Adventure for Life facilitators will also reinforce the styles of the various team leaders with comments that are designed to motivate or demotivate the delegates. We then compare the impact of leadership styles on team performance, and team and individual wellbeing.

The program can also include an extensive customised seminar about leadership styles and team dynamics relating to the client’s overall objectives and company structure. This would include discussing the latest research on these topics.

The program is designed for employees who are just moving into management positions or senior executives who need reminding what it’s like to be a team member rather than a team leader.

Price POA
Group Size 15-200
Age Group Any
Fitness Any
Additional Information This activity is perfect for people in managerial or leadership roles