The Four Event Challenge is a round robin style competition and this activity is often used
as a wet weather contingency

The following activities can be included in the overall challenge.

Bridge Build: Teams are given a identical boxes of timber (light and small pieces) and
various pieces of building material. Their task is to create the longest single span bridge
possible in a thirty minute period.

Egg Drop: Teams are given a small box of office stationary. Their task is to build a vessel
to protect an egg from a fall. Teams nominate a height and the highest successful drop
takes home the chocolates.

Trivia: Our thought provoking world trivia challenge encourages debate within teams and
favours the world traveller. Please note that smart phone usage is illegal.
Art Challenge Teams will be given a canvas, paints, and a topic. They have 30 minutes to
create a masterpiece and submit it to the judging panel.

Company Ad: Write, cast and star in the next Company marketing campaign. Teams’ 30s
ads will be played on the big screen and judged by the entire group.

Cornhole Cup: Just like bocce but from the mid-west of the USA.

Adventure for Life facilitators will keep a running scoreboard and declare an overall winner
at the end of the event.

• Adventure for Life facilitators
• identical boxes of timber/construction material.
• trivia questions
• egg drop challenges.
• iPads
• canvases, paint and paint brushes. (if required)
• Drop sheets (if required)
• Photography service on the day.
• FTP or Mass Storage device delivery of photos.