Corporate Orienteering is a team based navigational challenge that rewards planning, team work and communication. It’s a very strategic program that is plenty of fun and teaches some valuable business lessons as well.

Teams are given a series of challenges each with a specific points value. The harder the challenge the greater the number of points on offer. The team with the most points at the end of the designated period is the declared the winner.

This is one of our most popular programs and it’s definitely the most flexible. If you want to “wow” your staff, we can include a helicopter or Harley Davison challenge. Corporate Orienteering can be played in regional or urban locations, on land or on water. Guests can travel on foot, mountain bike, skis, in kayaks, or using golf carts.

It includes navigation, problem solving, as well as athletic challenges. It will test a team’s ability to strategise, communicate, and execute.

Corporate Orienteering is ideal for teaching valuable business lessons. It’s also a great way to discover a destination to reward your top performers. Adventure for Life has over 30 courses set up around Australia. If we don’t have a course at your venue or destination, we can simply create one.

Price POA
Includes Adventure for Life facilitators.
Event management
GPS units
Walkie talkies
Bottled water and snacks
photography service
Group Size 15-200
Age Group Any
Fitness Any
Additional Information xyz


Five key reasons why Corporate Orienteering is superior to an Amazing Race:

  • Teams have no idea how well they are performing until we announce the winners. They don’t drop out and go to the pub!
  • It’s very strategic and the best planners come out on top.
  • We cater for heavily pregnant women or people with mobility issues.
  • Everyone contributes to team success. There are no passengers.
  • Deadlines mean we can control the event timing down to the minute.