Head on back to the QT and earn 5 minute time bonuses by completing the following tasks and questions.

Don’t be late, deadline is 12:15pm

Grab an ice cream and take a team photo of you enjoying the sweet treat. 

What is the name of the artist who created this?

How many people of Afghan heritage lived in Victoria in 2001?

Why did Canadians come to Australia for in the 1850s?

Melbourne is known as the second biggest Greek city in the world after Athens. How many people of Greek heritage lived in Victoria in 2001?

Take a photo of a pussy in De Graves Lane. This piece of artwork was mashed with the face of the Chinese leader, put on T Shirts and called Chairman Meow.

Find this logo and take a team selfie with it.

Take a photo of the Rolex Clock in Collins St.

Take a team selfie with the flowers at the Town Hall. For a bonus two minute of your time clock Which band caused a traffic jam here in the 60s?

Grab a 2 piece gift box at Koko Bean. Bribe the facilitator with a piece of chocolate to get 5 mins off your race clock. 

Find this Green smile in Lt Collins and take a team selfie with it for a 5 minute time bonus. 

When you are back at the QT, open up your packages and put the item together to stop your race clock.