This section takes you from the QT hotel to the Chapter House coffee shop at 209 Flinders Lane.

There will be a QR code at the front entrance to the small coffee shop and package for you at this coffee house. 

On your journey get street art selfies with the following famous people. You get 5 minutes off your race clock for each photo sent to 0437745874

  • Shaq in Hosier Lane
  • Yoda in Higson Lane
  • Bon in AC/DC Lane
  • Malcolm Young in AC/ DC Lane.
  • Find the the small stick up art piece of Queen Elizabeth 2, in Duckboard Place. Get a selfie with the Queen for 10 bonus minutes. 

Find this John Murray street art in Hosier Lane and get a selfie with it.

On your journey to Chapter House text the answers to any of the following questions to get 5 minutes off your race clock.

  • What is the time in Portland Lane?
  • What year was the first service at The Scots Church?
  • What is the main building material used for St Michaels Church on the corner of Russel and Collins Streets
  • At Saint Pauls Cathedral, take a photo of your most hellhound team mate and the one most likely to get their angle wings.