Why we don’t build bikes for charity.

A long term staple of the team building industry is getting your team to put together a pile of bikes and then handing them over to a local charity.

Yes it sounds great and I’m sure participants get a sense of achievement, but there’s a few very good reasons why we don’t offer this program.

Here they are:

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  • Bikes come fully assembled in shops for a reason. When non-mechanics put them together the warranty is void.
  • Bikes assembled by non-mechanics can be extremely dangerous
  • To stretch event budgets, cheaper bikes are often purchased for bike builds.
  • Bikes need an initial tune after about 50km of riding. Cables stretch and gears need adjusting. If the initial tune isn’t done, cheap bikes become unridable within months.
  • Bikes are often handed over with no maintenance equipment or instructions on how to keep them on the road.
  • some people just aren’t mechanically minded
  • I collect unwanted bikes for a charity that sends them off to Africa where they are reconditioned and used for low cost transportation. Half the bikes I collect are only 6 months old and have seized completely.

If you are really keen to do a CSR team building, we are offering a Regional Victorian wine tour in exchange for a donation to our preferred charity. Your delegates will be much happier, and the long term benefits are way more substantial. For more information just call or email.