Welcome back to work activities

After the traditional summer holidays many employees will be dreading January 3 and January 10. These will be the traditional back-to-work days for workplaces that don’t operate in the 24/7/365 environment.

That first week back can be incredibly unproductive. Staff are still dreaming of the beach, their colleagues and customers may still be on holidays, important people aren’t returning phone calls or emails, and nobody is firing on all cylinders. A general malaise often settles in around the office.

A good way to break this cycle of unproductive inaction is to offer a “Welcome back to work” activity to kick off the year. Done well, these activities can energise your staff and boost office morale right when a shot in the arm is needed.

New staff can be welcomed into a team and favourite customers can be thanked.

Welcome back to work activities also send a distinct message to staff : “welcome back, we value you, we want this year to be fun, now let’s kick some goals”.

If you’re planning on a welcome back to work activity it’s now time to start planning them.