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Inductions and Office Relocation

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If your organisation has a graduate program, brings in inductees on a regular basis, or is moving office, this activity can help your new team members settle in quickly and save your company time and money.

Using our technology fuelled engagement software new employees can:

  • learn where everything is at their new place of work
  • learn about your company’s values and culture
  • join the social club
  • engage with mentors
  • get to know their fellow inductees
  • better understand codes of conduct and acceptable standards of behaviour at work
  • find out about upcoming professional development opportunities
  • and find out the best coffee shops are the area.

For office relocation events Adventure for Life can organise a one-off event. For inductee use, we can arrange an ongoing license to use this exciting software.

This software is currently being used for O-Weeks at Universities, on cruise ships to induct new staff, and by companies such as Nike and Google at their campuses.